We are excited to introduce you to ‘DSWF’s Paintings for Pangolins’!

A great initiative from David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (@dswfwildlifeart), working with wildlife artists from around the world who have picked up their paintbrushes and beads to help save the pangolin. As the planets most trafficked mammal, pangolins are facing extinction. With roughly 300 pangolins trafficked each day, we have seen the four Asian species almost poached to extinction. Illegal wildlife trafficking networks have now shifted their attention to Africa in an attempt to satisfy growing consumer demand for pangolin.

To celebrate the curious beauty of pangolins and raise vital awareness for their plight and many other endangered species, we have teamed up with @dswfwildlife and @dswfwildlifeart during ‘Paintings for Pangolins’ to sell our exclusive pangolin artwork, with 50% of all proceeds going to support their conservation work across Africa and Asia.

Help us turn the tide on extinction!

Monkeybiz bead artist: Phumla Mramba

Height: 25cms

Length: 55cms incl. tail

Weight: 1720grs