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Thamsanqa Joseph Bless

Born in Mount Fletcher in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

I grew up in a village called Ramafulo with my mother, father and siblings. My brother & I liked playing soccer after school in the fields while we looked after the livestock. We had to make sure that all livestock gets home later in the day & if not, we couldn’t go home until we found the missing ones.

Let’s hear from Thamsanqa:

How did you find out about Monkeybiz?
I found Monkeybiz in the year 2000 since I could not find a job. I decided to join my wife in doing beadwork. I was ever happy when I made my first beaded picture. It made me realise that to earn an income is not only about hard labour.

What artwork you most identified with?
I like doing mostly beaded pictures and coasters, but I would like to learn to do another artwork as well.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
Other jobs I’ve done other than bead work is part-time gardening jobs just to earn a little extra money to provide for my family.

Thamsanqa Joseph Bless

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