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Born in Gatyane in a village called Libonde in Eastern Cape, South Africa

I came to stay in Cape Town in the year 2000 with a hope to further my studies and finding a job. I struggled to go to school as my parents couldn’t afford to pay for my fees. I started seeking a job which was hard to find.

Let’s hear from Phumla:

How did you find out about Monkeybiz?
I met an old lady from Liwalaphakade Community Centre, and she said I should go there sometime. I went the following day & they introduced me to their community leader Eunice Mlotywa a very nice lady. I started training with them & that’s how I started beading for Monkeybiz.

How did your life change since you joined Monkeybiz?
My life changed so much. I’m able to earn a living just by my handwork still even if I didn’t finish school.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
Since I started beading, I couldn’t think of anything else to do, because I didn’t finish school and I don’t think I would find other job.

Phumla Lempuku

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