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Born in 1952 in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

I am from Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape in a village called Maqhashu. My reason for coming to Cape Town was to seek medical help I was not well. Then I found Monkeybiz through one of the ladies in my community then I became a bead artist till today.

Let’s hear from Nomzamo:

What do you like about you work?
I enjoy and love my work because I can put food on the table. I pay school fees and it really helps us more now that my husband lost his job during Covid.

What art do you mostly identify with?
It is beadwork more specially things that one can wear like necklaces, bracelets and of cause beaded animals that is where my income is to support my family.

Name something you love and why?
I love cooking, because I want to pass on to my daughter the delicious recipes my mother taught me.

Professionally, what is your goal?
My goal are to educate my kids and see then become successful in life and to run my own business.

Nomzamo Xhontelo

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