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Born 1994, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Nangamso is creative and loves design. She alone takes care of her 1 sister, 1 son, 2 nephews & 3 nieces in Nyanga.  Her favourite way to spend a weekend is watching movies and going on social media. She loves dancing to love songs. When she isn’t beading she loves writing in her diary.

Nangamso Ngewu

Let’s hear from Nangamso:

Ukhuliswe kanjani?

Any stories of your upbringing? What was your upbringing like?
I am from a poor background. My mother raised us alone, she was a single parent, hard working too. She would hustle very hard to make my life easier and give me a better lifestyle.

Ngubani wakwazisa ngentsimbi?

How were you introduced to beading?
As I was growing up, my mother was making beaded dolls. I started to help her when I was about ten years old and from there she taught me how to bead beautiful artwork.

Yintoni ekukhuthazayo ebomini?

What do you love about beading?
What inspires me in life is not depending on someone else to live my life and to work hard.

Yintoni oyithandayo kakhulu ukukhlohla intsimbi?

What do you love about beading?
I love beading because I am becoming a well-known artist by making what I love. Beading helps me to express whatever I love most and it comes through in the designs of my work.

Yintoni ofuna abantu bayazingawe?

What do you want to be known for?
I want people to know me as a successful artist who loves what she is doing and that I am a young, single, loving parent.

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