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Born Eastern Cape, South Africa.

I am from Matatiele in the Eastern Cape. My hopes of coming to Cape Town was to study and get a better job. Things did go as I planned then I met Monkeybiz.

Let’s hear from Lerato:

How did your life change since you started beading for Monkeybiz?
Many things have changed in my file since I started beading. The money I get from my beadwork helps me sustain my life even during Covid I am still able to generate a little bit of income from Monkeybiz to survive.

What is your favourite artwork?
My favourite artwork is the beaded placemat and coaster. I find them easy to make than animals.

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?
Growing up in the Eastern Cape with my mother and grandmother learning from them how to do beadwork.

What has been a highlight experience?
It is that I am not just doing work to earn money. I am recognized as an artist my work goes all around the world.

Lerato Moletsane

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