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Born 1985, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Bongeka is a single parent with 1 son. She has no grandchildren. Her favourite colour is green and she loves to cook samp, beans and meat. When she isn’t beading she loves to keep her home clean.

Bongeka Dyakalashe

Let’s hear from Bongeka:

Ukhuliswe kanjani?
Any stories of your upbringing? What was your upbringing like?

I grew up in the Eastern Cape raised by both of my parents who taught me to respect my elders and others.

Ngubani wakwazisa ngentsimbi?
How were you introduced to beading?

I was introduced to bead work by Beauty Mgutzi. She taught me how to bead nice and neatly.

Yintoni ekukhuthazayo ebomini?
What inspires you in life?

Learning new things all the time is what inspires me the most about life.

Yintoni oyithandayo kakhulu ukukhlohla intsimbi?
What do you love about beading?

I love beading because it keeps me busy at home most of the time instead of going out partying. My favourite animal is the wild dog because it is a very clever animal, not to mention easy to bead.

Yintoni ofuna abantu bayazingawe?
What do you want to be known for?

I am a friendly person and a hard worker.

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