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Born Eastern Cape, South Africa.

I am from Gatyane in the Eastern Cape in a village called Bonde. I was raised by both my parents till I got married. Me and my husband moved to Cape Town to find a job. I have two kids which I love so much.

Let’s hear from Aphelele:

What’s important to the work of an artist?
To me it is relaxes my mind and I do not think much about problems in my life. When making a piece you need to put love in it, so that the person buying it can love and appreciate it.

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?
I remember as a child I used to love school and traditional dancing so much.

What’s your favourite artwork?
My favourite artwork is coaster, because they are flat it reminds me when I used to watch my grandmother as a child making beautiful Zulu lover letters.

What is you dream project?
It is to become a fashion designer making my own traditional dresses.

Aphelele Dlokolo

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