Introducing the Contemporary Long-Legged Animal Collection

Introducing the Contemporary Long-Legged Animal Collection, boasting sharper lines, bolder colours and exciting designs that poetically fuses this traditional craft with modern artistry.

Introducing the Contemporary Long-Legged Animal Collection

Inspired by our iconic long legged animals, which were first designed twenty years ago by some of our earliest artists. Their simplified interpretations of the animal form have become the foundation of what Monkeybiz is known for today. Each animal, including a lion, giraffe, elephant, zebra and bokkie has a very distinctive look featuring long skinny legs which holds a cylindrical body and simple face structure.

Twenty years later, it was time to refresh things. The approach was to stylise our already stylised product. We emphasized the geometry of our forms by constructing their bodies with simple geometric shapes like rectangles, circles and triangles. Their legs became shorter and their bodies flattened. The new forms appear more stompy and are reminiscent of the proportions of a Zulu wooden stool or headrest.

The animals appear to be dressed in pattern as their flat bodies are decorated and contrasted by solid colour on their legs and heads. We stuck with striking patterns where shapes are repeated across a surface, like checkers, stripes, zigzags, polka dots etc. These simple patterns reflect their bodies’ composition of geometric shapes.

Now available to shop directly on our online store.

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