Monkeybiz supports breast cancer awareness

Monkeybiz supports breast cancer awareness

It is with great excitement and humility that Monkeybiz South Africa announces our Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative in collaboration with CANSA.

For the past 20 years, Monkeybiz South Africa has worked hard in the constant empowerment of Women from impoverished areas. We are fortunate enough to have a current total of 219 Bead Artists that rely on Monkeybiz for an income, and us on them for their talents. Therefore, we feel it to be a social responsibility as a Non-Profit Organization working hand-in-hand with so many women to continue to empower them and ourselves through education and awareness of Breast Cancer.

Every single woman has somehow been touched directly or indirectly by this disease and the more we know, understand and support each other, the easier it will be for the future of all women.

CANSA has been working for the past 89 years as South Africa’s leading Cancer Association, playing a leading role in cancer research, cancer control policy development and providing constant care, support and education to South Africans who are affected by this disease.

To commemorate this meaningful initiative, Monkeybiz has put together a ‘Pink Army’ on our website which consists of a pink herd – supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors and honouring the taken.

We will be paying 10% of all proceeds made by the sale of our Pink Army from 1 October 2020 – 31 December 2020 to CANSA to further aid them in the fight against Breast Cancer and to create continuous awareness and support.

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