Joy of Africa, Cape Town

Joy of Africa, Cape Town

During 2019, Platform Creative Agency was handed the mammoth task of curating the ‘Joy of Africa’ themed Christmas exhibition at the V&A Waterfront. The most important element of the exhibition was that all pieces came from local designers and were, of course, produced locally. Monkeybiz ticks both of these boxes with gusto!

Monkeybiz was featured at the main centre court of the exhibition in a magical space dubbed the ‘Summer Palace,’ a cheeky play on words, which lived up to the name effortlessly. But do not be fooled, there is indeed a lot of work that goes into making a space so eccentric, colourful and full of life, a space worthy of bringing the ‘Joy of Africa’ to the world.

Monkeybiz was briefed by Platform Creative Agency to create 69 pieces for the ‘Summer Palace’ in just under three months. If any artist heard that they had to create 69 individual and equally exquisite pieces in such a short time, they would surely crumble in a heap of sweat! But not the artists at Monkeybiz. In fact, quite the opposite, the artists took to the challenge like fire to dry wood and one of the most extraordinary displays of a labour of love was born.

First and foremost, the exhibition required signage, and Monkeybiz was tasked with glue-beading an 80cm diameter sign for the V&A Waterfront. Once this was done and dusted, the artists set about creating the small army of friendly little critters to capture the ‘Joy of Africa.’ These little creatures included, but were not limited to, elephants, rhinos, geckos, monkeys, birds, cats, mice, insects and the infant versions of each. With so much colour and personality reflected in the crowd of animal faces, joy was most definitely spread!

Breath-taking Exhibition

Each piece that went into this exhibition is worth its weight in gold but the show stopper of the entire event had to have been the life-sized 2 meter tall Christmas Reindeer standing tall with head poised in flawless grace and whose antlers were adorned with, you guessed it, beaded Christmas decorations. If curious onlookers did not get the chance to see this breath-taking exhibition, they should not fret, because it will be running for another two years during the festive season of 2020 and 2021!

To close off such an extraordinary event, there will be an auction at the end of 2021 where art-lovers can take that one-of-a-kind piece home with them.
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Written by: Olivia Nolan

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