Completed projects

Through the years, Monkeybiz has provided support through various services to its community of bead artists, to assist them in maintaining their health and well-being.

  • Wellness Clinic - HIV/Aids Initiatives
  • Bigger than Barbie

Wellness Clinic

We ran a Wellness Clinic located in the heart of Cape Town. The Monkeybiz Wellness Clinic was a thriving beacon of the project’s success. It dealt predominantly with issues related to offering:

  • Beadwork and other skills training
  • HIV/Aids counseling and support for low-income HIV+ women
  • Free consultations with volunteer homeopaths and medical doctors
  • Homeopathic and medical HIV/Aids treatment
  • Basic nutritional education
  • A choir
  • Yoga therapy
  • Drama workshops
  • A crèche
  • Drinks and a warm, nutritious meal.
  • Vitamin supplement "NutriKing" contributed by Exact! Clothing

T-shirt project - HIV/Aids Initiative

Our t-shirt project, started in 2004, and provides another means of income for the women attending our HIV Wellness Clinic. By taking off-cuts of donated t-shirts and material - mainly from the Exact! Clothing group, the women have design and artistic freedom to create t-shirts of their choice to sell in the Monkeybiz retail shop.

content_pic_75Bigger than Barbie

Subject of a short documentary, Bigger than Barbie - was a tongue-in-cheek title reflecting the ambitious nature of the Monkeybiz bead project. Bigger than Barbie (which, among others, features pop diva Annie Lennox) was made by the Norwegian director Tina Davis. On her own initiative, she followed Monkeybiz around the world for four years, documenting its rise. Donna Karan makes a cameo appearance in the movie.
Donna Karan: “There’s so much product out there in the world, but so little product that makes a difference. And Monkeybiz makes a difference.
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