Philemon: “I seriously damaged my right knee while splitting a log of wood. If it weren’t for Mamvundle and Monkeybiz, I would probably have been unemployed with very little prospect of finding a new job.
Monkeybiz supports over 450 families which is partially funded by donations and gifts.

Financial donations

Financial donations are allocated to the following community services we provide:

  • Providing families with a sustainable source of income
  • Encouraging creativity and artistic development in bead art products.
  • Establishing sustainable community services
  • Soup kitchens
  • Financial services
  • Burial society

Donate towards food

Good nutrition is vital in helping people living with HIV/AIDS who do not have the time or resources to eat properly - so donations of food improve their lives considerably.

**Please note that we can provide tax exemptions for US citizens.

How donations towards food are allocated

content_pic_34 Makatiso: “I could not help noticing the shortage of food and the dire poverty that my neighbours endured.
  • For approximately R20 or USD$2.68 you can provide a nutritious meal (soup, bread and butter, tea, coffee and a piece of fruit) for a MonkeyBiz bead artist.
  • For R2000 or USD$268 p/month you can purchase the food for the existing soup kitchens.
  • For an additional R3000 or USD$402 p/month you can purchase the food that is necessary to start the soup kitchens in our other 2 communities.
  • For R10 or USD$1.34 you can buy a loaf of bread for a family.
  • For R300 or USD$40 You can buy a food parcel of groceries for a household.

* Exchange rates used from 2010.01.13 09:06:17 UTC 1USD = 7.4 ZAR


Looking for sponsors and donors

If you know of anyone or any organisation who would like to donate in any way, please let us know or tell them about us and the work we are doing!

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