Nonzaliseko Mshiywa

Beauty Mgudzi

Age 49

I have a mum who lives in the Eastern Cape, I have 1 sister, 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. I live with one of my daughters and my grandson. I am divorced.

How long have you been beading with Monkeybiz? Since 2009

Did you bead before or did you learn from Monkeybiz and from whom? No learnt from Monkeybiz with a lady Nonceba Mtati.

Do you remember your ancestors doing beadwork? Yes

What has Monkeybiz meant to you? It means a lot and I have gained a lot of experience, I was thinking beadwork was for older people and not educated,as since long ago it used to be for older people, traditional healers doing beads and as well when beads were popular there was a stigma that all people that doing beadwork are HIV positive, but since I joined Monkeybiz I experienced that was totally untrue because at Monkeybiz even if you are young and educated you can do beadwork. I am employed today and achieve a lot at Monkeybiz.

Do you bead full time or part time? Full time

Have you been to the workshops? Yes and I learnt different techniques and most interesting part I was learning to bead texture.

Do you feel like artists? Yes, I know that I can do anything with beadwork, and I can share my skills with others. I know how to handle people because I am a group leader, and you have to learn patience if you are a bead artist.

What is your favourite animal? Lion and elephant