Theodora Mthekeli

Beauty Mgudzi

Age 50

I am a widow, my husband passed away 1997, I have 5 children, 1983 son, 1985 son, 1993 daughter, 1995 daughter, 1998 daughter. I live with my 3 daughters and 2 grand children.

How long have you been beading with Monkeybiz? Since 2006

Did you bead before or did you learn from Monkeybiz and from whom? No learnt from Edith. Before I registered I worked for Edith and she gave me money that she thinks I deserved for helping her.

Do you remember your ancestors doing beadwork? No they didn’t do beadwork

What has Monkeybiz meant to you? It means a lot because Monkeybix takes me and lifts me high. I’m feel proud of doing something with my hands that I can take care of myself and my family. I have taught other people because it is important so that we can share and I pass the skill to those who are willing to do beadwork, my sister, my children and my son-in-law.

Do you bead full time or part time? Full time

Have you been to the workshops? Yes, I learnt more knowledge on beadwork and patterns

Do you feel like artists? Yes, I am an artist indeed. Because if someone give something to bead I am able to do it, today I manage to take my children to school, bought them clothing and food. I was suffering but Monkeybiz make an impact on my life and made my life lighter, the difficulties I used to have in my life are too much better

What is your favourite animal? Poodle