Beauty Mgudzi

Beauty Mgudzi

Age 63

Beauty is a widow with 2 children a boy and a girl. I have 7 grandchildren.

How long have you been beading with Monkeybiz? Since 2007

Did you bead before or did you learn from Monkeybiz and from whom?  I didn’t do beading before and learnt from Eunice.

Do you remember your ancestors doing beadwork? No they didn’t do beadwork

What has Monkeybiz meant to you? As a grandmother it helps me to do something, it helps me with my needs, I look forward to working with Monkeybiz

Do you bead full time or part time? Full time

Have you been to the workshops? No

Do you feel like artists? Yes I feel happy because I never do something artistic before with my hands. I have gained a lot of experience in beading, some people said they don’t have work but God gives them eyes and hands to bead.

What is your favourite animal? Penguins