Noloyiso Maphakathi

Noloyiso Mphakathi

Age 47

Noloyiso is married with 3 children, 2 daughters born 1984 and 1987 and a boy born in 1992.

How long have you been beading with Monkeybiz? Since 2001, I had never beaded before and learnt with Makatiso Ngaka

How long have you been beading with Monkeybiz? I used to see my mother do beads for traditional healers and she didn’t want the children to touch because she said they will mess her work.

What has Monkeybiz meant to you? It means a lot to me because I am free, working at my own pace at home where I am able to solve my family problems.

Do you bead full time or part time? I bead full time

Have you been to the workshops? No not yet

Do you feel like artists? Yes I do, I learn a lot of things and helping others when they struggling on something new and I always do sampling of Monkeybiz pieces.

What is your favourite animal? Elephant

Your personal achievement? I believe I am one of the top artist today but when I started to learn I wanted to give up but Makatiso she is a patient lady she encourage me today I can do anything.