Sheilla Maishe

Sheilla Maishe

Age 35

I have 5 sisters and some of them are doing beadwork. I also have one daughter she is 17yrs old, I don’t have parents and am taking responsibility for my younger sister and acting as parent and grandparent because she has a 3 year old daughter. Four of us live together in my own shack.

How long have you been beading with Monkeybiz? 10 years

Did you bead before or did you learn from Monkeybiz and from whom? I was doing traditional beadwork back in the Eastern Cape but different from what Monkeybiz does, then I learnt the Monkeybiz technique from my sister.

Do you remember your ancestors doing beadwork? Yes when they used to do traditional beadwork

What has Monkeybiz meant to you? Monkeybiz means a lot to me I never feel hungry since I joined Monkeybiz, we save at Monkeybiz because we work from home, you don’t have to worry about lunch box or taxi fare. Most of my time I spend beading so that I can earn more money.

Do you bead full time or part time? Full time

Have you been to the workshops? Yes it was exciting because today I am able to make a 3D face and not flat as we normally do for Monkeybiz with stuffing. We learnt how to have a friendship with our teacher from another country and see how they live as we are from a different country.

Do you feel like artists? Yes of course even if I am sleeping I am thinking of design what I can do next. I really feel empowered because my life has changed since I joined Monkeybiz. I feel important because some of the artists chose me to bring their work to the market day. Mathapelo always calls me when there are special projects like VODKA project or HAAS BROS collaboration.

What is your favourite animal? Elephant